Empowering Peruvian Banks: Robonote, Emotion Logic, and Asociación de Bancos del Perú Join Forces!

2 min readApr 18, 2024


We are thrilled to announce a landmark collaboration between Robonote, Emotion Logic, and Asociación de Bancos del Perú, aimed to advanced the way banking works in Peru.

This partnership aims to equip Peruvian banks with cutting-edge technology, enabling them to elevate efficiency and customer satisfaction. By integrating Emotion Logic’s innovative risk assessment technology and Robonote’s hassle-free form approach, banks will streamline loan approval processes with unparalleled speed and accuracy.

How RoboForm works?

Every day, countless clients apply for loans, but can you trust them all? With RoboForm, you can swiftly and easily analyze client information to make informed decisions. Our Smart RoboForm technology simplifies the process. Clients receive a questionnaire via chat message, recording their answers directly.

For example, when asked about loan repayment plans, their responses are transcribed and uploaded to the Robonote platform. Here, advanced voice analysis highlights risks and recommends actions.

Our joint mission is clear: to revolutionize the loan approval process, providing an innovative and streamlined experience for both banks and their customers.

This represents a significant leap forward in enhancing financial services and ensuring Peruvian banks remain at the forefront of customer service excellence.

Together, we’re not just changing the way loans are processed; we’re transforming the future of banking in Peru.

About The Association of Banks of Peru (ABP):

Established in 1967, ABP is a union institution that brings together banks and private financial institutions in Peru. Its mission is to promote the strengthening of the private financial system and facilitate the development of its members.

About Emotion Logic:

A subsidiary of Nemesysco, Emotion Logic has been a pioneer in accurate risk assessment technology for over two decades. Their solutions enable deep voice analysis, providing unparalleled insights into client behavior across various industries worldwide.

About Robonote:

Robonote is an innoviative AI platform for customer insights, marketing precision, and sales growth. The innovative platform can find valuable insights to improve your business operation.

Robonote’s AI tools not only enhance efficiency but also provide instant analysis of thousands of interactions with your customers like calls, chat and forms .

Imagine your team spread across different locations, far from headquarters, Robonote empowers the managers with real-time visibility into all interactions, alerting them to both good and bad interactions, including regulations alerts and risk analysis.

Robonote is your customer intelligence ally, by monitoring and optimizing results for customer satisfaction.

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